When it comes to buying or selling their home, seniors often face more issues and decisions than their younger counter-parts. That’s where I come in - your trained “Seniors Real Estate Specialist.”

I can address a wide variety of concerns including:

  • Options for alternative housing (such as age-restricted buildings, assisted living centres, & care homes)
  • Reverse mortgages (I have a mortgage broker that I work with extensively who is well-trained in handling these)
  • Decades of belongings (I have professionals that I can recommend to assist you with this process)
  • Your home to reflect current trends. This is a complimentary service I provide through my professional stager/re-designer.

Multi-Generational Living

As a designated specialist in Seniors Real Estate, I am increasingly asked by clients for help with accommodating their need for multi-generational living (because of aging parents &/or adult children). In fact, not since the 1950’s has the number of adults aged 25-34 living with their parents been as high as it is now (as per a 2012 Pew Research report).

There’s a lot to consider when deciding to combine households; the following will help those considering this move to develop a better understanding of what they will need in order to best serve every member.

  • Determine what location will best work for everyone (it won’t be a perfect fit for everyone but you should try to ensure that everyone gets some of what they want most - i.e. proximity to work, school, medical care, parks, shopping, etc).
  • Consider the personalities of each member (some will be more social while others will need their own space therefore the home must be able to accommodate these varying needs for privacy).
  • Consider the schedule of each member (this is valuable in deciding whether a common entry or separate entrances will be required due to vastly varying times with rising, sleeping, and leaving for work).
  • Determine how each member spends their free time (do you need a yard because someone’s an avid gardener, or a workshop for a woodworking hobbyist, or a soundproof area for a video game aficionado?).

There are so many more considerations than space will allow here. Please contact me if you would like further information. As well, I have tips on how to keep the peace and preserve privacy - vital for multi-generational living.